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Caitlin here! I can't wait to get back in the classroom this year and start decorating! It really is one of my favorite things, along with filling out the yearly calendar and getting my lesson plans all sorted out :) (yes, that's true). Once I get my new 5th grade classroom set up, I will certainly share those pictures (and better ones at that) with you here (and maybe even do a little video tour). But until then, here are some pictures of my old middle school classroom - who knows, maybe you'll even get an idea or two from here to use in your own classroom!

Where I keep our calendar of school events, my bathroom sign-out board and other classroom necessities. I love all of the bright colors! 

This whiteboard is the HOLY GRAIL of information for students in my classroom. One the far left, I have my weekly agenda for 7th and 8th grade listed (see picture below for a close-up), then the homework for each class, the 7th grade schedule (I'm their homeroom teacher, and they switch classroom each period), and the 7th grade homework for ALL of their other classes. 

A close-up look of my daily agenda and homework board. 

I just love these Latin/Greek root word posters that I have my kids create at the beginning of the year! They are incredible teaching tools AND are super duper cute! (Thanks to my first-year mentor teacher for this great idea!) You can grab a copy of this activity for FREE by CLICKING HERE.

Love this poster for "Proto" - my students did an amazing job. 

I've always taught writing utilizing something we've dubbed "Evidence-Based Writing" (which you can learn more about by CLICKING HERE), and this is my EBW wall. I like to keep this up for the kiddos because they sometimes can get lost when writing their persuasive in-class essays. Since they are just learning, I think it's completely okay for them to have a visual organizer of what I expect from them in their essays. 

This was actually a really fun project that my 7th grade did after our visit to see something called Shakespearience (you can read more about this here). The kids loved this project, and I finally had something a bit more creative to hang up on my bulletin board!

A look at my entire classroom. 

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I just love how this middle school classroom is decorated! She has such cute and practical classroom decor ideas!

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